Cyber-attack: Is my computer at risk?

WannaCry infects only machines running Windows operating systems. If you do not update Windows, and do not take care when opening and reading emails, then you could be at risk. However, home users are generally believed to be at low risk to this particular strain. You can protect yourself by running updates, using firewalls and

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Registry Maintance

Dear Clients, This Information has been posted to notify you that the dotINFO (.info, .red, .pink, .kim, .blue, .rich, .shiksha, .black, .vote, .voto, .green, .poker) registry will be taken offline for scheduled maintenance during the following period: Start time: Aug-15-2015 15:00 UTC End time: Aug-15-2015 19:00 UTC Environment: Live If you require any further information

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Debian 8, Codenamed ‘Jessie’, Review

We’ve spoke previously about how much respect Debian has around the Linux paddocks. With the release of Debian 8.0 (Jessie), let’s take a look at whether the latest version still deserves the same respect as its predecessor. Introduction When we initially got posted to review Debian 8.0, we thought we were getting the desktop version.

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