Data Center FFM-GER | Server upgrade

Issue: Upgrade Service: | IP: Time: 07:00 pm UTC Downtime: up to 15 min Dear Clients, the Server will get a CPU and Memory upgrade. Your Web Pages can be offline up to 15 min. This upgrade is nessessarry to provide you better performance. If you have any questions, please feel free to

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Ubuntu 18.04 – release date April 26 2018

The release date for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is out as well. Here it goes: 30th November: Feature Definition Freeze 4th January: Alpha 1 release 1st February: Alpha 2 release 1st March: Feature Freeze 8th March: First beta release 5th April: Final beta release 19th April: Final Freeze 26th April: Stable Ubuntu 18.04 LTS release

Domain Name API Maintenance

Dear Clients, We would like to inform you about an upcoming maintenance window to the Domain Name API platform as set forth below. Wednesday 21st March 2018, 21:00 – 22:30 UTC. During this time the API and Web interface will be unavailable. We aim to finish at the expected time but will notify you if

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Data Center Los Angeles Main Router Issue

We would like to update you regarding the status of Los Angeles network issue. Our administrators have identified that one of the main routers is malfunctioning and unable to start properly. At this moment datacenter team is helping to replace faulty router as soon as possible. Expected downtime is up to 8 hours. For latest

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Cyber-attack: Is my computer at risk?

WannaCry infects only machines running Windows operating systems. If you do not update Windows, and do not take care when opening and reading emails, then you could be at risk. However, home users are generally believed to be at low risk to this particular strain. You can protect yourself by running updates, using firewalls and

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